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Centered on some other Hours and regression equations, the new projected degrees of VO

Centered on some other Hours and regression equations, the new projected degrees of VO

Linear relations from regression equations, based on values from three submaximal work rates at test and retest, are illustrated as unbroken lines. dos can be higher, equal or lower at test compared to retest (see broken lines).

Another factor, likely to determine the degree of reproducibility, is the number and span of work rates that are used to establish the HR-VO2 relations. To enable systematic studies of these matters it is therefore important to specify the HR levels used in terms of both absolute levels and percentages of maximal HR as well as the heart rate reserve (HRR) [27,28]. The corresponding levels of VO2 and their percentage of the maximal oxygen uptake are also valuable to state (Fig 1). To our knowledge this has not been done before.

Given this background, the aim of the study was to evaluate day-to-day reproducibility of HR-VO2 regression equations (y-intercept, slope and correlation coefficient) and the estimated oxygen uptakes based on three levels of heart rates representative for everyday cycle commuting. Two HR-VO2 relations were established and compared, one with three levels of submaximal exercise (model 1), and another which also included a maximal exercise (model 2). The HR-VO2 relations were attained on an ergometer cycle in the laboratory for healthy and physically active middle-aged male and female cycle commuters.


Acceptance so you’re able to conduct the research try obtained from the fresh new Integrity Panel North of one’s Karolinska Institute within Karolinska Medical (Dnr 03–637), Stockholm, Sweden.

Recruitment out of players.

The whole process of looking participants try divided into multiple strategies. They started that have advertisements in 2 biggest early morning press for the Stockholm demanding players. The latest addition criteria called for coming to the very least 20 years old; residing the fresh new County away from Stockholm (leaving out the newest municipality away from Norrtalje), and you may walking or bicycling the whole way, people length, between house and place out of performs or investigation, and definitely commuting in that trend at least one time a-year. Solutions might be submitted cost-free by post, facsimile, e-post otherwise by the mobile phone. These ads contributed to 2148 anybody volunteering to take area.

A survey (The brand new Directly Active Driving into the Higher Stockholm Questionnaire step one; PACS Q1, because of it within the Swedish and you can English, see Supporting advice S1 and you will S2 Methods) try delivered to these types of volunteers; 2010 were returned immediately after around three reminders. The fresh new survey manufactured 35 issues, however, precisely the questions relevant for choosing our very own people were used inside studies. Such included gender, many years, just how directly demanding its top-notch work had been, commuting frequencies a week for every single month of the season and commuting cycle. The newest driving range of any personal has also been used for trying to find the study group. They certainly were counted for the routes drawn in maps by for every single respondent (Getting station mapping guidelines, pick Support information S3 and you may S4 Measures). The procedure getting computing the mapped distance try explained in more detail for the Schantz and you can Stigell . In the solutions out of PACS Q1, the latest participants was indeed divided in to kinds according to the claimed form out-of possibly cycling or walking, or combined settings.

The test is picked from the cyclist category, i.elizabeth. people victims who just cycled to operate. Most other requirements was indeed ages and you will channel distances nearby the average values of female and male bikers, correspondingly . People as well as rated their day-after-day top-notch jobs given that physically light otherwise really white.

Information describing the new physiological studies, test and standardization strategies also a healthcare report is actually taken to the brand new cyclists exactly who found the new requirements (to your information thing, get a hold of Support information S5 and S6 Actions. The individual pictured inside the S5 and you may S6 Procedures provides authored informed consent (as the outlined inside PLOS concur means) to post their photo together with the manuscript. On missive page, this new recipients was indeed expected if their in past times removed channel had been legitimate, or out of a comparable point day-wise (comparable recognized as plus/minus 5 to help you ten full minutes). In this case, these were requested to answer the declaration which alarmed whether they got one: 1) medication and type from disease, 2) tremors, bust discomfort or unusually hefty respiration during the get it done, 3) hypertension, or 4) had recently eliminated or discontinued do it to possess explanations from burns or health. The fresh new page highlighted the authority to cancel new testing at any time and without the need to stipulate a conclusion. A signed informed agree out of involvement try returned.

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